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The PS4 Console is set to change the future of gaming as we know it and we can expect to see the Playstation 4 console hit shelves this holiday season.  The PS4 is set to be a console packed with power in addition to some of the best PS4 games to be seen  Some of the specifications we know about the console are:

  • 8 GB of internal memory
  • 2.2 GB of dedicated memory for video related tasks
  • An AMD “Bulldozer” 4X Dual-Core CPU
  • 4 USB 3.0 Ports
  • 2 Ethernet Ports
  • A Blu-Ray Drive
  • HDMI Output
  • Updated Dual Shock Controller

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Sony cleared up a lot of the rumors on February 20th and they allowed us to look into the future of the PS4 Console.  This clearly has something to do with the new PlayStation 4 console but only time will tell what this event will bring us.  Rumors were both Sony and Microsoft were going to be having press conferences in March of this year but it appears as though Sony has beat Microsoft to the jump in this battle of competition.

With E3 coming in June we will be hearing a lot more with the expectations that the event will be dominated by news of the next generation consoles coming out.  We expect to see Sony showing of the physical console at this time in addition to showing off the expected launch games to come to the console.

While the console is expected to pack some power games are nearing levels of graphics in current generation systems that you will no longer see the drastic graphical changes from generation to generation.  In past times video game consoles would see a major difference in quality between launches.  Going forward we can expect to see more in the app driven age and software creativity.  The interface of the device and how individuals interact will become a big player in the future of video games and consoles.   It is clear to see that Sony wanted to simplify things this time around with the PS4 console and this can be seen by going with mainstream components within the system.

The launch of a new console is always fun for those of us that are gamers.  It is a time we read all of the latest news in regards to our favorite platform.  We sit on the edge of our seats waiting for the press conferences and the big events like E3.  It seems as though it can take forever for these events to happen but when they do most of us are more than happy with the results.  Sony will no doubt be bringing their best with the release of the PlayStation 4 console.  It is clear who their primary competition will be and as we learn more about the PS4 console we will discuss it here as it happens.

Our aim here will be to provide you with the latest news and even the best PS4 console deals and PS4 Game Deals..  So make sure you stay connected with us because the future of bright for those of us that are gamers.  While there are still some questions that remain, we are certain that Sony is headed into the proper direction for the future of gaming.  The only question that remains is what games can we expect from the next PlayStation system.  So if you want to find the best PS4 deals on consoles, games and accessories be sure to browse our sites.